My first garden in several years and what a jungle it has turned out to be with overgrown plants and vines creeping all over the place.  As subject matter I was interested in the undergrowth view on my knees close to the ground.  Here are two of the results. 


Sitting amongst 5 of the 42 panels. My 1000 painting project finished in 2 1/2 years.  Now just numbering and mounting left to do.  

A few productive days in the Wallace Stegner House in Eastend Saskatchewan with artist Paula Timm resulted in reaching painting #500 of the 1000 painting project. 

Painting on the beach in Mexico is a great way to spend time on a holiday.  


Prairie Grassland Paintings. A new series titled "Refuge" . 


The start of two new pieces.



A sample panel for an upcoming project.  They are all 10"x10" , oil on paper  mounted on foamcore and I intend to paint 1000 of these little gems. 




The result




I spent two glorious days paintings outdoors in the  Last Mountain lake National Wildlife area, home to the oldest bird sanctuary in North America.   This spot is on the Wetland Trail.  Three-Flowered Avens and Golden Bean were blooming along the trail and to the right were several shore birds and water birds.  My senses went on high alert to the changing sights, sounds and smells around me as I worked making the painting experience exciting but also very challenging.