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One of the most beautiful places we visited this past winter was Black Kettle National Grasslands west of Oklahoma City. The colours of the orange-red soil against a brilliant blue sky were stunning. It saddened me to see the oil wells all over the area and the potential devastation to the landscape and the environment.  



What a coincidence that I happened to be making paintings of the grasslands in Oklahoma this week when the tornado hit south of  Oklahoma City.  A few years ago I saw first-hand  the devastation of a tornado on the land  and all structures in in it's path.  There is no mercy for trees, grasses or buildings alike, nor humans and any other living creature.  My heart goes out to the citizens of Oklahoma as they mourn what's gone and work at re-building  their lives.  


That nagging feeling that global warming is behind these reoccurring, powerful forces of nature makes me want to be a better care-taker of this beautiful place called Earth.