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What to Paint?


My studio is set up and ready for me to take brush in hand and get to work.  But what to paint?  What am I curious about?  I scrolled  through the photos that I took last winter in Mexico to see if any images caught my attention. 


A pattern emerged.  I was intrigued with the photos of houses under construction, or in shambles needing some attention.  Not only did the subject matter appeal to me, but also did the muted palette of grey/blues, ochres and umbers in compositions rich with a variety of textures. 


The first image I am using was taken on the street that I walk on to catch the bus. It had a complex compositon with a strong contrast between the door opening, wall and shadows. There was only a hint of bright colour in the flowers on the left and the new bricks on the wall.  


I loved the contrast between the dissary of materials, old and new on the left  and the wall construction moving towards the right and the very neat, tidy doorway with the beautiful brick pattern surrounding the door.  Chaos and order.  This epitomizes my impression of Mexico and its chaotic energy with an underlying sense of order that I often find difficult to navigate.  


My palette is simple, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green, Cad yellow light (hue) and Titanium White.  Alizarin crimson and Sap Green make beautiful earthy colours with a bit of yellow to warm them up for highlights and sand colours.  Adding a touch of the Ultramarine Blue to Alizarin Crimson and Sap Green gives me a rich blue-black.


There are so many  colour variations with very few hues!  


Until next time