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The photo that I used for this painting has several nuances of light, shade, and colour and so many little details that for me were important to use in the painting, such as the bits of blue cloth, the wires, wood and rocks. This Mexican street scene interested me with its half painted wall, tumbling rocks and greenery pushing  through everything.  I found  great pleasure in acknowledging the little things in the photo that guided the story that it was, and established the character of the painting. 


The challenge in this painting (and in all of my paintings) is to keep it fresh and slightly underworked without losing the details.   I want my brush strokes to speak for themselves and not be overworked in a “blending frenzy”.  


More colours were added to my palette from my previous painting, Cadmium Red medium, Phthalocyanine Blue, and Indian Yellow.  The addition of these colours worked well to make the intense blues, and various greens of light and shadow. I used a combination of Ultramarine Blue and Phthalocyanine Blue with Titanium for the sky, the building and fabric.  


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