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On my first trip to Merida and Progreso I was taken back by many of the old, dirty and crumbling buildings.  It took me awhile  (actually a few years) to get accustomed to them. It was only recently that I started seeking out the most derelict of buildings, finding them more interesting than the well manicured and maintained ones. 


The building in this painting is on a corner lot downtown Progreso and looks the same this year as it did last year.   There is a potted plant which appears to be an effort to add beauty to the area.  Is this a home and do people actually live there?  Could they be squatters?? On occasion I have noticed  laundry hanging.  It could also just be a fenced yard or an outdoor living space.   These are all imaginings on my part which makes it even more intriguing. 

And it’s for sale. “Se Vende”


This was a relatively easy painting to do.  The rules of perspective didn’t really apply.  The building’s lines are ever so interesting with wood joining wood in haphazard ways. I liked how the light shone through the corrugated tin as well as through the cracks between the slats of the boards.  


Once again I used a de-saturated palette of browns and blue/grays, with a hints of yellow and orange.  The green tin colour was made with phthalocyanine blue and sap green.  


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