curriculum vitae




Box 45

Riverhurst, SK

S0H 3P0 



      2004: Bachelor of Fine Arts with Great Distinction and Distinguished Exhibition, University of  Saskatchewan. 

      2009: CARFAC SASK Mentorship with Holly Fay

      2012: Painting workshop, Studio Borgo, Lucca Italy.




      2019: Terrain. Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery (upcoming in Sept)

      2019: Terrain. Allie Griffin Gallery, Weyburn

      2017: Terrain. Elsie Scherle Gallery, Regina Beach. 

      2017:  A Minute In Time. Biblioteca Communale, Borgo A Mozzano, Lucca, Italy

      2016: Picturing Grandmother. Portage La Prairie & District Arts Centre 

      2016: Terrain. Art Gallery of Regina.

      2015: Articulated Places. PWSS, Val Marie, SK

      2014: Picturing Grandmother. Outlook Art Gallery, SK

      2013: Refuge. TAE Contemporary Gallery, Regina

      2013: Picturing Grandmother. Chapel Gallery, North Battleford, Sk.

      2010: The Calling Trees. McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK

      2009: Trees, Flowers, Grass. Routes Gallery, Harris, Sk.

      2007: Progress. Elsie Scherle Gallery, Regina Beach, Sk 

      2007: Progress. Allie Griffin Art Gallery, Weyburn, Sk 

      2007: Progress. Estevan Art Gallery 

      2007: Wild-deor-ness. Frances Morrison Library, Saskatoon, SK 

      2006: Progress. Mendel Art Gallery, Artist by Artist      

2004: Bug in My Eye.  Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK 



     2019: Summer Salon. Art Gallery of Swift Current (Upcoming)

     2019: Tourist/Turista: 7 Days, 7 Moments. 2 person exhibition with Heather Cline, Art Placement, Saskatoon  

      2018: Art Now. Regina Art Collective and Sakewewak, Saskatoon  

      2018: Art That Fits. Regina Art Collective, Lobby Gallery, Regina 

      2018: New Ground: Explored and Revealed. Regina Art Collective, Lobby Gallery Regina 

     2018: Vantage Point. Regina Art Collective, Lobby Gallery, Regina

      2005: Ordered Chaos.  St. Thomas More Gallery, Saskatoon

      2005: Space Divided by Four.  Faculty Club, University of Saskatchewan. 

2004: The Del Mar Sessions. Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK. 

2004: Picturing Queer.  Gordon Snelgrove Extension Gallery, Saskatoon, SK 

2004: Recent Work. Drawing and Painting Exhibition: O.O.R.P. Raymore, SK

2004: Paper Cuts.  Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK 

2003: Working Backwards/Paper Blankets.  Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon

      2003: Arts Tunnel Project. University of Saskatchewan



      2009: Paper Cuts. Flatlands Artists Studio, Regina, SK 

      2008: Spirit of Manitou Studio Trail. Semans, SK 

      2007: The Shortest Night. Semans, SK

      2006: Houseworks. Semans, SK 



      2017: Studio Borgo, Borgo A Mozzano, Lucca Italy.

      2014: Wallace Stegner House, Eastend, SK



     St. Thomas More Gallery

     University of Saskatchewan (Gordon Snelgrove Collection)



      Michael Misenchuk Travel Award, Department of Art History, University of Saskatchewan, 2004.



      2016:  Russell, Bruce, “Edie Marshall”, Preview: Galleries West, Vol 15.1, Spring 2016. p 32. 

      2015:  Fay, Holly, “Terrain”, Art Gallery of Regina brochure. 

      2006: Progress Edie Marshall/Terry Billings”, Artists by Artists: Folio: The Mendel, Vol 34.2. spring 2006

      2003: Tod Emel. ., A documentary of the Arts Tunnel Project with Jeff Nachtigall, Saskatoon: Kenderdine Art Gallery, 2003



       2016:  Beatty, Greg,  “Artist converts pixels to paint in ambitious exhibtion”, CARFAC SASK Newsletter, Vol 28.2, March/April 2016. 

       2007:  “Progress” incorporates ancient Rome and Saskatchewan.” Lifestyles”, August  31, 2007. Estevan  

       2007:  Colleen MacPherson, “Wild-eor-ness”, Review: At the Galleries. Star Phoenix. May 19, 2007 

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       2005: McPherson, Colleen , “Ordered Chaos”, Review: At the Galleries, Star Phoenix,  Sept. 17, 2005.




      The Art Gallery of Regina



     2016 to 2018:

- Board member Saskatchewan Arts Board

- Curatorial Working Committee, Saskatchewan Arts Board

- Riverhurst Communities in Bloom - Arts facilitator 


- Instructor for introductory painting workshop, Riverhurst, SK funded by Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange and Southwest District for Culture Recreation and Sport

     2016 & 2017:

- Instructor for beginner’s acrylic painting workshops,  Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery.

- Instructor for “Creative Boost” workshop, Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery 

- Instructor for “Acrylic Texture” workshop, Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery


- Instructor for Beginners to Advanced acrylic painting classes, Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre 

- Instructor for “Painting Like the Impressionists” class, Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre. 

- Instructor for Art Gallery of Regina  acrylic texture workshop 


- Program Coordinator CARFAC SASK, Regina

- Board member, Art Gallery of Regina

      2010- 2012:

- Program Coordinator, Art Gallery of Regina

- Jury member for CARFAC Mentor I program  


- Gallery Assistant, Art Gallery of Regina 

      2007- 2009:  

- CARFAC President & Provincial Rep


  - Art facilitator for Dundurn Elementary school’s Arts Smarts Grant Project.


  - Curator for “Houseworks”, a rural studio art show with 23 urban and rural artists, Semans, Sk.


- CARFAC board member 

- Art facilitator for Raymore High School Centennial  Arts Smarts Grant project.    - Instructor for beginners watercolour & drawing classes for Carlton Trail Community College & Rural Seniors Education programs