curriculum vitae




Box 45

Riverhurst, SK

S0H 3P0 



      2004: Bachelor of Fine Arts with Great Distinction and Distinguished Exhibition, University of  Saskatchewan. 

      2009: CARFAC SASK Mentorship with Holly Fay

      2012: Painting workshop, Studio Borgo, Lucca Italy.

      2021: CARFAC SASK rural mentorship program with Clint Neufeld.



      2020-2021: Arts on the Move On-line, Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils. 

      2019: Terrain. Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery

      2019: Terrain. Allie Griffin Gallery, Weyburn

      2017: Terrain. Elsie Scherle Gallery, Regina Beach. 

      2017:  A Minute In Time. Biblioteca Communale, Borgo A Mozzano, Lucca, Italy

      2016: Picturing Grandmother. Portage La Prairie & District Arts Centre 

      2016: Terrain. Art Gallery of Regina.

      2015: Articulated Places. PWSS, Val Marie, SK

      2014: Picturing Grandmother. Outlook Art Gallery, SK

      2013: Refuge. TAE Contemporary Gallery, Regina

      2013: Picturing Grandmother. Chapel Gallery, North Battleford, Sk.

      2010: The Calling Trees. McIntyre Gallery, Regina, SK

      2009: Trees, Flowers, Grass. Routes Gallery, Harris, Sk.

      2007: Progress. Elsie Scherle Gallery, Regina Beach, Sk 

      2007: Progress. Allie Griffin Art Gallery, Weyburn, Sk 

      2007: Progress. Estevan Art Gallery 

      2007: Wild-deor-ness. Frances Morrison Library, Saskatoon, SK 

      2006: Progress. Mendel Art Gallery, Artist by Artist      

2004: Bug in My Eye.  Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK 



     2019: Summer Salon. Art Gallery of Swift Current

     2019: Tourist/Turista: 7 Days, 7 Moments. 2 person exhibition with Heather Cline, Art Placement, Saskatoon  

      2018: Art Now. Regina Art Collective and Sakewewak, Saskatoon  

      2018: Art That Fits. Regina Art Collective, Lobby Gallery, Regina 

      2018: New Ground: Explored and Revealed. Regina Art Collective, Lobby Gallery Regina 

      2018: Vantage Point. Regina Art Collective, Lobby Gallery, Regina

      2005: Ordered Chaos.  St. Thomas More Gallery, Saskatoon

      2005: Space Divided by Four.  Faculty Club, University of Saskatchewan. 

      2004: The Del Mar Sessions. Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, SK. 

      2004: Picturing Queer.  Gordon Snelgrove Extension Gallery, Saskatoon,  

      2004: Recent Work. Drawing and Painting Exhibition: O.O.R.P. Raymore, SK

      2004: Paper Cuts.  Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK 

      2003: Working Backwards/Paper Blankets.  Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon

      2003: Arts Tunnel Project. University of Saskatchewan



      2009: Paper Cuts. Flatlands Artists Studio, Regina, SK 

      2008: Spirit of Manitou Studio Trail. Semans, SK 

      2007: The Shortest Night. Semans, SK

      2006: Houseworks. Semans, SK 



      2017: Studio Borgo, Borgo A Mozzano, Lucca Italy.

      2014: Wallace Stegner House, Eastend, SK



     SK Arts 

     St. Thomas More Gallery

     University of Saskatchewan (Gordon Snelgrove Collection)

     Viterra Grain Company



      Michael Misenchuk Travel Award, Department of Art History, University of Saskatchewan, 2004.



      2016:  Russell, Bruce, “Edie Marshall”, Preview: Galleries West, Vol 15.1, Spring 2016. p 32. 

      2015:  Fay, Holly, “Terrain”, Art Gallery of Regina brochure. 

      2006: Progress Edie Marshall/Terry Billings”, Artists by Artists: Folio: The Mendel, Vol 34.2. spring 2006

      2003: Tod Emel. ., A documentary of the Arts Tunnel Project with Jeff Nachtigall, Saskatoon: Kenderdine Art Gallery, 2003





       2016:  Beatty, Greg,  “Artist converts pixels to paint in ambitious exhibtion”, CARFAC SASK Newsletter, Vol 28.2, March/April 2016. 

       2007:  “Progress” incorporates ancient Rome and Saskatchewan.” Lifestyles”, August  31, 2007. Estevan  

       2007:  Colleen MacPherson, “Wild-eor-ness”, Review: At the Galleries. Star Phoenix. May 19, 2007 

       2006:  “Houseworks” brings urban and rural artists together.” CARFAC SASK: Newsletter. Vol.18 No. 06. July-August 2006.

       2005: McPherson, Colleen , “Ordered Chaos”, Review: At the Galleries, Star Phoenix,  Sept. 17, 2005.




      The Art Gallery of Regina

       MacKenzie Art Gallery



     2020: CARFAC webinar panelist, “Off the Grid: Working from Outside Major


     2016 to 2018:

           - Board member Saskatchewan Arts Board

           -Curatorial Working Committee, Saskatchewan Arts Board

            - Riverhurst Communities in Bloom - Arts facilitator 

     2016 -2021

            - Painting workshops,instructor - Framemasters Gallery, ReginaPainting workshops, instructor-  Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery.

            - Instructor for introductory painting workshop, Riverhurst, SK funded by      Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange and Southwest District for Culture Recreation and Sport


            -Instructor for Beginners to Advanced acrylic painting classes, Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre 

            -Instructor for “Painting Like the Impressionists” class, Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre. 

            - Instructor for Art Gallery of Regina  acrylic texture workshop 


            - Program Coordinator CARFAC SASK, Regina

            - Board member, Art Gallery of Regina

     2010- 2012:

            -Program Coordinator, Art Gallery of Regina.                                                          -Jury member for CARFAC Mentor I program  


            - Gallery Assistant, Art Gallery of Regina 

      2007- 2009:  

             - CARFAC President & Provincial Rep


              - Art facilitator for Dundurn Elementary school’s Arts Smarts Grant Project.


              - Curator for “Houseworks”, a rural studio art show with 23 urban and rural artists, Semans, Sk.


              - CARFAC board member 

               - Art facilitator for Raymore High School Centennial  Arts Smarts Grant project.  

             - Instructor for beginners watercolour & drawing classes for Carlton Trail Community College & Rural Seniors Education programs